What’s in it for you? – Quest-Heroes??

What’s in it for you? – Quest-Heroes??

Be proud of being part of the change and the needed revolution that we all wish to see in this world. By you saving the environment you are saving our society and our one and only home. Know that being part of planting trees is a complete selfless act and an act of caring. You, your neighbour and the entire world will benefit from your actions. Know that your planting is safe and robust to any change in your circumstances. Once you pledge and the planting takes place, you will continue to make a positive change beyond your years. Lots of people have forgotten that we are guests of this world, but you are a guest that wants to leave it in a better state than you found it. You are choosing to be part of a collective and are taking an individual responsibility to save our home.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed people can change the world;
it’s the only thing that ever has”
Margaret Mead

Be full of pride that your action will only have a positive impact towards depolluting the environment, producing the air we breathe and creating a home for nature. Imagine knowing you have built an abundance of carbon credit and you have achieved to do what no other generation before you has, leave this planet in a healthier state than it was left to you. This has to be a life’s goal and ambition for everyone.

Once the planting season is over we will email you of the progress and provide locations and pictures of the areas that have been planted. We will also record your own carbon bank and provide you with an update on how you are doing. Your carbon credit can then be shared to the envy of all your family and friends!

We think it’s an easy decision to make. For such a small amount that can make a huge difference. Be part of a good news story and be proud of it! Share our quest, start a revolution and make a positive impact for years to come.

 “We can improve our environment today, for a greener nation tomorrow, for a healthier world in a future”



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