The Power of Trees and hedges!

At Isequester we plant trees with your pledges and trees sequester carbon, provide oxygen and reduce the overall concentration of greenhouse gases. This is in tune with our quest.  However, by planting trees and hedges we are truly improving the environment and having a positive impact on a vast number of other things!

The U.K.’s landscape contains one of the lowest proportions of woodland at just 13%. So we, you are also missing out on all these extra benefits trees and hedges bring. Studies of trees planted in urban areas have shown to reduce stress levels, reduce crime/violence, assist with hospital patient recovery times, have traffic calming effects, reduce urban heat effect and also filter harmful dust/pollutants from the air we breathe!

Through planting trees and hedges we increase biodiversity and environmental resilience. A larger variety of species ensures sustainability for multiple life forms and a healthier ecosystem. Healthier ecosystems can better withstand and recover from change or disasters. The habitat creation and food source this will provide will give our hedgehogs, birds, invertebrates, pollinators the extra helping hand our wildlife currently needs.

Trees and hedges planted in the correct location will also assist with the absorption of storm water and in turn reduce flooding. This will have a direct impact on saving thousands of homes, business and habitats from damage or complete devastation. Trees and hedges will also prevent soil erosion on banks and in areas of water runoff.

The environment informs all of our decisions and we try to make the best decision for the environment. We carefully consider the locations for planting. We do not plant in sensitive locations. We do not destroy existing vegetation to install our planting, brambles and nettles might be undesirable to us but not to wildlife. Trees can help us in so many ways we simply need more of them. Pledge today and lets get planting.

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