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Pledge Guidance

The custom monthly pledge option is a great way make your own choice on what you want to plant per month. The UK’s average carbon emissions is 10ton per person. The amount of carbon emissions each person produces and how this is shared is very variable, but with the custom option you can set it to your requirements. A mature tree will sequester 1ton/co2. We have listed some average examples below to help you choose how many trees you may want or need to pledge.

  • The UK’s average carbon emissions is 10ton/year per person.
  • 1ton/co2 = 3,500km on a commercial flight
  • 1ton/co2 = 9,000km by train
  • 1ton/co2 = 3,950miles in an average size car
  • 1ton/co2 = heating the average home for 4.5 months
  • 1ton/co2 = eating 75kg of beef

Within our monthly pledge calculations we do allow for tree competition, so we allow 3 trees to achieve 1ton/co2.

Do what you can as every tree planted will make a difference

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