One-Off Pledge (12 Trees)


Plant your own mini woodland today!




Pledge Guidance 

The one-off pledge option is a great way to do your bit when you can. If you are looking to offset a flight, holiday or just help nature, the one-off pledge could be the best thing for you. A mature tree will sequester 1ton/co2. We have listed some average examples below to help you choose how many trees you may want or need to pledge.

  • The UK’s average carbon emissions is 10ton/year per person.
  • 1ton/co2 = 3,500km on a commercial flight
  • 1ton/co2 = 9,000km by train
  • 1ton/co2 = 3,950miles in an average size car
  • 1ton/co2 = heating the average home for 4.5 months
  • 1ton/co2 = eating 75kg of beef

Within our monthly pledge calculations we do allow for tree competition, so we allow 3 trees to achieve 1ton/co2.

Do what you can as every tree planted will make a difference.