15 Trees Per Month

£60.00 / month

Making a pledge of 15 trees/ month for 3 years would offset the negative impact of a small to medium size business with staff doing necessary travel or deliveries.



How much trees sequester carbon is very variable. This variables can come from the species of tree planted, its location, the weather conditions throughout the year etc. Using information from the urban forest network. We understand as an average, young trees sequester 5.89kg/co2 per tree each year and after 10 years its estimated it will sequester 21.77kg of Co2 per year. We have taken these estimates and tried to give you some informative information to help make your pledge decision.

The UK’s average carbon emissions is between 9-12ton per person. A person that is already reducing and making conscious decisions could have a personal carbon footprint of around 4.5-5ton year. How much each person produces carbon emissions and how this is shared is also variable. More info

Choosing the right pledge for you. You know your lifestyle and how much you want to make a difference.

Don’t forget you will also have a legacy!

If your finances change and you need to stop or put your pledges on hold for a while. Don’t forget your trees will carry on sequestering co2 from the atmosphere. Know this, after about 40 years they could be taking up to 180tons! Small differences today will have huge impacts in the future.