1 Tree Per Month

£4.00 / month

Making a pledge of 1 tree/month will offset a lifestyle of 4/ton co2 year. This is a good choice if you are already carbon focussed, making good eco decisions and living in a eco dwelling



Pledge Guidance – Which one is for me?

The UK’s average carbon emissions is 10ton/year per person. The amount of carbon emissions each person produces and how this is shared is very variable. Therefore we have put together this as guidance:

1/tree month = 4tons co2 / year. You’re carbon focussed making the ultimate eco decisions and living in a eco dwelling

2/trees month = 8tons co2 / year. You’re carbon aware making good eco decisions already doing your bit when you can

3/trees month = 12tons co2 / year. You’re on the path of discovery of the true cost of carbon. Wanting to start to make a difference!

How much trees sequester carbon is very variable. These variables can come from the species of tree planted, its location and the weather conditions throughout the year etc. Using information from the urban forest network, we understand as an average, young trees sequester 5.89kg/co2 per tree each year and after 10 years its estimated it will sequester 21.77kg of Co2 per year. We also understand a mature tree will sequester 1ton/co2.

Within our pledge guidance calculations for tree growth competition has been allowed. As trees grow, they compete for resources and some may not reach their full potential. Our guidance allows that 3 trees should be planted to ensure that at least one achieves maturity or that their combined sequestration of all three achieves 1 ton.

You need to choose the right pledge for you. Do what you can as every tree planted will make a difference.

Don’t forget you will also have a legacy!

If your finances change and you need to stop or put your pledges on hold for a while. Don’t forget your trees will carry on sequestering co2 from the atmosphere.