How We Plant Trees

Isequester makes it simple for everyone to make a positive choice to help the environment. Our aim is to plant trees and support wildlife across the UK. Your pledges directly enhance ecosystems and help to fight climate change.

Using British growers, we ensure our stock is of good quality and provides the very best opportunity for our trees to grow. Every effort is made to ensure that planted trees are successfully established. We check how the plants are doing and carry out any replacement planting, where necessary. Our tree planting is carried out nationally. Along with our trees, our wildflower seed is also sourced from British growers.

Working all year round, we secure suitable locations for planting, which involves planning and preparing plots. Tree planting takes place during the planting season, which is typically from October to March in the UK. We utilise this season to maximise the survival of the trees and to minimise the requirements for watering

At every turn, it is the environment that informs our decisions and drives our quest. See our Green Culture page.

Do you have access to land?

As we want to maximise the amount of planting we carry out, we can plant anywhere in the UK. One of the best ways we can do this is by using third party land, finding suitable areas that will benefit from planting. We do not pay fees; we simply identify opportunities to enhance the environment and then we seek permission. Our ambition for the future is to protect suitable areas and make these accessible to the public.

Do you have green spaces that can be planted? Perhaps you know someone who would be interested in having a planting scheme? We call these locations ‘Donor Sites’.

A Donor Site can be planted with trees and this will benefit the wildlife too. We protect the plants using recycled tree shelters and we sow wildflower seed across any disturbed areas. Our locations are rural and can be remote. Therefore, we may not be able to give you the chance to visit all our planting sites, but we will tell you where these are. We will provide you with a digital map of the location, along with a photograph.

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