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How can I reduce my carbon footprint?

By following the best practice of reduce, reuse and recycle. However this will only reduce your carbon footprint it will not make you carbon neutral, far from it. By planting trees you can become carbon neutral or even have a positive impact on the planet

How is Isequester different to other tree planting schemes?

We plant in the UK using British stock. We plant on donor sites, no protracted land acquisitions or grants. We are not limited to the number of trees we can plant. The only limit is how many people pledge. We can improve the countryside without delay.

How can I improve the environment?

By pledging to Isequester you are improving the environment and directly fighting climate change. You can help more by making others aware how they can make a positive choice to fight climate change.

How can I fight climate change?

We are looking forward to providing direct opportunities for people to get involved. If you pledge but you would like to do more email us: and we will put you to work as soon as we can. 

Is iSequester a charity?

We are not a charity, we are a sustainable and ethical organisation that takes direct action to enhance our environment.

Do iSequester lobby government?

We do not use your pledges to lobby government. Other organisations lobby government heavily with their funding. We use your pledge to plant trees and support wildlife.

How do iSequester make carbon calculations?

We work on 1 tree will sequester 1ton of carbon over 40 years. However, as trees grow, they compete for resources and some may not achieve their full carbon sequestration potential. Therefore, when calculating for an individuals average we allow 3 trees for every 1 ton. E.g if you are looking to capture 8ton/carbon year on our 2 trees/month pledge. We will be planting 24 trees. This allows either the 24 trees to sequester the 8ton or for a minimum of 8 trees to reach maturity

Will the planting be near me?

We plant all over the UK. We will look to plant as close as possible to you within a tree/hedge block. We need to group plant where possible to reduce our own carbon footprint when undertaking the planting. As the number of pledges grows the likely hood of planting being undertaken near you will increase.

Am I tied into the pledges? Can I cancel or change my pledge?

You can cancel, amend or change your pledge at any time. You are not tied into a contract or a minimum number of months. If your circumstances change and you can no longer pledge we will of course fulfil any previous pledges you have made prior to the cancellation. You can of course increase your pledge as you see fit or inline with your impact.

Can I gift a pledge to/for others?

Pledges can be given/set up as a gift. This option is available once you choose which pledge you wish to set up

Is there a discount for a yearly pledge?

There is no discount for making a yearly or longer pledge. We are making the pledges as sustainable as possible from the start. A pledge works best when it is ongoing in tune with your carbon impact.

What will I get when I pledge?

We will send a confirmation email following your initial pledge. We will contact you to update you on progress and the planting sites. We will record and update you with a carbon statement at the end of the planting season. If you do not wish to receive this you can opt out.

Will I be able to view see the planting?

It is our full intention you will be able to visit and view any planting undertaken from your pledges. However, on occasions this option may not be available due to access or rights. For example it might be within school grounds or in a sensitive location such as MOD land. We will always document the planting location and provide picture evidence. We will supply GPS locations for our sites apart from sensitive sites as mentioned above.

When will you plant the trees?

Throughout the year we keep tabs on total pledges. We then undertake the planting between November and March. Towards the end of the planting season (Nov-Mar) we determine a cut-off point and subsequently secure all the native British stock and materials. The cut off is determined by the seasonal weather at the time. Pledges continue and start to accumulate for the following planting season.

How do you plant the trees?

All planting will be carried out by hand, with minimal impact on adjoining land. We will select the most suitable type of planting for the location provided. Hedging and associated tree planting will be protected from damage with recycled shelters. Wildflower seeding and enhancement works will also be carried out in and around the native tree planting.

When/how will you contact me?

We will generally communicate via social media outlets. However, once the planting season is over we will update you of the progress and provide locations and pictures of the areas that have been enhanced. At this point you need to congratulate yourself for being involved in a good news story. Be proud of being involved in a quest to take direct action against climate change and enhancing the natural environment. – “Spread the quest”

Do you maintain the planting?

We plant the stock within the planting season and this gives the stock the highest chance of survival. The plants require very little maintenance in the first few years and we replace the failed stock where appropriate. By planting in the correct way and the correct season we experience very few losses.

Donor Sites

Do I need to apply for a grant?

No. If you have a site that you would like planting let us know. We will contact you and inspect the site. We will advise of areas suitable for planting. We do not utilise grants or government funding. The planting is carried out by us and is funded by private pledges.

Can I gift land for planting?

Yes. Please get in touch and we will be very pleased to work with you and establish the site as a woodland for ideally public or private use.

Do I need to re-purpose my land or apply for permission?

No. It is rare that you will need to re-purpose the land or apply for permission (assuming you are the landowner). Please contact us and we will assess the land and advise accordingly.

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