Donor Sites for Tree Planting Schemes

We want the right tree in the right place, and we need to work with a wide variety of people and organisations to achieve this objective. Therefore, finding suitable donor sites and then specifying suitable planting for that site is a key element of our work. By coordinating the right people and British native stock from UK growers, we can ensure that every donor site achieves its potential.

At Isequester, our work is not sponsored or part of any government initiative. We want the right tree in the right place for a more resilient future – and we need your help.

Our function is to fill the gap so that people without land can take positive action to plant trees and enhance the environment. We receive Pledges from members of the public, businesses, and we work with interested people to identify areas of land that can be planted. This could be a corner of a field or a bank that cannot be cultivated, or an area of pastureland. Altogether, we can create multiple small pockets of woodland and thickets across the UK.

Please see our FAQ’s for more information on how we work with you to develop donor sites

Do you know any areas of land? Please email:

We look for opportunities to plant across a large variety of locations, such as recreational parks, national parks, farms and church land. We work alongside private landowners, local authorities, universities, schools, and organisations, such as the National Trust, Wildlife Trust, and Heritage England.

We do not plant in sensitive locations; we always consider the environment!

If you can identify areas of land for potential planting, then just let us know that you’re interested in working with us. We can assess the land available and calculate the amount of planting required. We will only leave planting and environmental enhancements behind!

  • Planting will be undertaken by experienced landscape professionals. We understand the sensitive nature of working on third-party land, so we will always be aware of our surroundings. We are respectful of the land we plant on and appreciate the opportunity to do this important work on behalf of others.
  • We only plant when it is ideal for the trees. Our purpose is to provide everyone with the opportunity to enhance their local environment – we want your help to make this happen.
  • All of our stock will be from reputable British growers, who currently supply the landscape and forestry industry. All stock will be compliant with BS8545 and will be of UK origin.

Our aim is to ensure the right tree finds the right site, and we will always work with key people and organisations to achieve this objective.

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