Carbon Offsetting for Businesses

Are you concerned about the carbon emissions generated by your business? Would you like to find a positive way to offset your carbon footprint? We provide a unique, cost-effective, green initiative to help your business build a carbon bank. Your company will be able to enhance the environment and take strides towards meeting corporate responsibility targets at the same time.

We understand the environmental demands placed on businesses. Our tree-planting schemes will help you to offset carbon emissions generated by your business. You will also be supporting the creation of habitat and providing food source for wildlife. Not only will this help raise your profile, but it will also help you to stand out from your competitors.

The World Bank say

“Carbon taxes have been introduced in 40 countries and more than 20 cities, states and provinces. Many more schemes are in the pipeline.”
iSequester - Making a positive impact upon climate change. Carbon Bank | Carbon Credit | Plant Trees

Benefits of Tree Planting

  • Carbon tax or ‘green taxes’ are already here, and more are on the way! Start building your carbon bank, so you are prepared for future environmental legislation.
  • Fulfil your social and community responsibilities by enhancing the local environment and improving the local countryside for people and wildlife.
  • A cost-effective and truly green initiative, which will demonstrate that your business is environmentally responsible.
  • Create a Green Culture showcasing your carbon data to help set you apart from your competitors. 75% of millennials state they would accept a smaller salary to work for a company that’s environmentally responsible!
  • Win more work – be accountable; enhance your bids and give reassurance to your clients.
“Volkswagen told its 40,000 suppliers to cut emissions or risk losing its custom”

The Economist (a bold move from a company with low credibility regarding the environment)

How does it work?

We will plant trees to offset your carbon emissions based on a monthly payment plan, or a one-off payment, which will always be controlled by you. Below are examples to help you calculate how many trees will offset the carbon footprint created by your staff. As with individual footprints it varies enormously which is why we have focussed on staff. We are unique in the UK to offer this scheme.

  • Simply choose the number of trees that you would like to pledge on a monthly basis.
  • We will coordinate your pledge to identify a donor site, and then carry out tree planting on your behalf in the appropriate season.
  • As your trees sequester carbon, we will log your positive effect and you will start building your carbon bank.

We will also enhance the local environment around the trees to help pollinators and to create natural habitats.

We will record and log your positive carbon impact – build your carbon bank.

This UK green initiative is for everyone, it also results in additional environmental improvements for wildlife. Read more about Our Roots and our quest to change the planet…

Being green is not just for big business – everyone can make a positive impact on the planet

Carbon Guidance

A mature tree will sequester 1ton/co2. We have listed some average examples below to help you choose how many trees you may want or need to pledge.

Isequester-What does a tree offset - Business

Within our monthly pledge calculations we do allow for tree competition, so we allow 3 trees to achieve 1ton/co2.

It will vary from day to day but it’s important that you act now, the earlier the better. By making a positive choice you demonstrate the environmental credibility that will show your clients, staff and suppliers that you’re serious about the environment.

iSequester - Making a positive impact upon climate change. Carbon Bank | Carbon Credit | Plant Trees

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