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Create a Greener Future

Isequester was founded as a way of using our passion and skills to create a greener future for everyone. We are dedicated and passionate about the environment. We have direct experience of delivering environmental improvement projects across the UK for government and national organisations, as well as national network operators. We have implemented projects that have seen thousands of trees planted to mitigate the visual impact of infrastructure.

The UK is one of the least forested countries in Europe. However, we have access to land, which means we can plant trees on a scale that can help to improve the local environment. Due to our supply chain knowledge, we carry out planting schemes using native British stock.

We made the decision to stop waiting for someone else to solve the problem. We have the experience to do something about climate change and we want to be part of the solution. You can join us through your pledge, which means we can plant trees, enhance your local environment, and nurture our way towards cleaner air.

We want to secure and save land from development. We want to create woodland and make it accessible to the public. We want to save and enhance the greenbelt.

Isequester’s Global Vision

Our vision is to create a global initiative. We dream of planting trees all over the world, starting at home in the UK. We want to show the world how people can work together to have a positive environmental impact, help nature, and reduce climate change. As a collective, we have the power to make a stand and to make governments take notice. We only have to look at historic changes in society in modern times to see the power of the people – abolishing slavery, removing apartheid, LGBT rights. All of these movements were brought about by people standing up and saying they wanted change. We believe we can achieve this for the environment.

We also have the ambition to secure and save land from development. We want to create woodland and make it accessible to the public. We want to save the greenbelt. However, we need your help to achieve our vision. Only by the power of the collective can we make a difference.

Why are we so passionate about the environment?   

At Isequester, we view the natural environment as the top priority for our survival as a species. Without a sustainable, balanced environment, our food chains, habitat, and life as we know it will diminish. This is not the only challenge for society, but we believe it is now the most critical. Just try holding your breath while you think about solving any other issue…

We know of existing plans to create new forests in the UK. We salute these plans and encourage them in equal measure. However, such planting schemes work in a different way, as they only operate in certain areas and require complicated, third-party funding applications. We are not subject to the same constraints. We want to plant trees NOW. We need trees in the ground, so they can grow and support us in the near future.

Join us today…..

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Our Founders’ Motives

Paul Perrins, Isequester, Co-Founder

“I have always loved nature and have always had an interest in the natural world. This stems from watching David Attenborough programmes as a child, and spending hours playing in a small woodland next to where I grew up. Despite being the only real eco-advocate in the family, I’ve always been fully aware of our impact on the planet, even before a global climate emergency featured in the news. So, going into the landscaping world was an easy decision; I felt proud that my industry was doing its bit by planting trees and plants. This very privileged position enabled me to see first-hand how the landscape has a positive impact, both socially and for the natural environment.

Many years later, I had the opportunity to carry out some tree planting at my house. As well as reducing my carbon impact, I could also have a positive impact, and this reaffirmed just how much I love planting trees. There is nothing quite like the feeling of planting a tree and knowing it could be there well beyond your years. Watching the new growth every spring gives me a feeling of pride and joy. I knew just how fortunate I was to be able to have this special feeling and experience.

I know people and family members who live in places with no outside space, or who do not have a home of their own, and they don’t have the same opportunity to enhance their environment. This became one of my inspirations to take action; an idea was born to give everyone the opportunity to have a positive impact on our planet. Therefore, Isequester was created, giving birth to this new purpose and personal goal.”

 “A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in”

Warren Heaton, Isequester, Co-Founder

“I want to make a difference, stand out from the crowd, do something positive, and to start a movement. I have always been drawn to the outside world. Growing up on the edge of a small town provided me with a rich natural environment to play in and explore. From morning till night, I would be out in the woods or in the fields with my friends enjoying my next great adventure. I want my children to have that same opportunity. I want to protect what we already have and to create a better environment. Having a career in the landscaping sector has provided me with the necessary skills and contacts to enable this to happen. However, my motives run much deeper…

Our planet and the natural world need our help. We all need to be accountable and to take care of the vulnerable world we are borrowing from the next generation. Although personally this brings risk and uncertainty, I am fully committed and prepared to follow my instincts by demonstrating leadership when it comes to fighting climate change. I hope you will do the same and join us to make a positive impact on our planet.” 

 “We did not inherit the earth; we are merely borrowing it from our children”